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green_headshot_blue_backgroud_cropped.jpgMy name is Elizabeth Warren, and I'm running for State Assembly in the 76th District, representing Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Vista, and Camp Pendleton.

As I watch America's first "reality horror show" playing daily in Washington D.C., I can't help but feel that there's a silver lining. Here in California we celebrate our diversity, we value public education, and we care about the health of our people and the planet. We all want a better quality of life, stronger communities, and hope for tomorrow--and it's within reach.

As the world's 6th largest economy, California can inspire the nation by taking a principled stand for our shared Democratic values. 

Our state can offer hope on a number of important fronts, including: 

  • GUARANTEED HEALTHCARE: SB 562, the Healthy California Act, will cover everyone and save money for both individuals and businesses. We need to get it done. No more stalling. If it hasn't passed by the time I'm elected, I'll fight for it. 


  • CLIMATE JUSTICE: The climate emergency is real. We must slow Climate Change, eliminate dependency on fossil fuels, address the drought, offer energy consumers a choice, and grow the green economy. It's environmental science--not rocket science.


  • EDUCATION: Public education should begin with preschool and kindergarten, and continue through college, trade school or professional training. 


  • HOUSING: Antiquated laws that mandate planning but not execution won't create homes for kids sleeping on the street. It's time we work together--city and county officials with state and federal lawmakers--to solve California's housing emergency. 


  • MY BODY, MY BUSINESS: I've been fortunate as a woman to have grown up in a "post Roe v. Wade" world. I wish I could say the same for my daughters. Their right to privacy within their own bodies is under siege. So I will fight any time reproductive freedom is challenged. I'll fight for my daughters, and for my future granddaughters. 


  • SMALL BUSINESS SUPPORT: The shop on the corner. Mom and pop restaurants, barber shops, dry cleaners, auto mechanics. Family doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals who all live and work in our communities. These businesses are the life blood of our state economy. We must find solutions to keep them in California and help them grow. 


  • INFRASTRUCTURE JUSTICE: The largest corporations, out of state companies, importers and others doing business here must pay their fair share to California for the infrastructure that helps them profit. Small businesses and individual taxpayers should not bear the sole burden of maintaining our state infrastructure.


  • PAYCHECK JUSTICE: Paying workers a living wage is smart economics. That money will be spent stimulating the local economy. California's $79 billion gender wage gap is a disgrace, as are easily exploited "contract labor" loopholes. Large corporations such as Walmart should not profit by starving the funds that cover retirement, medical and disability payments for workers in our district, and our state.


  • JUSTICE FOR HEROES: Veterans who've served our country honorably should not be deported based solely on the circumstances of their arrival. Nor should they be cast aside like yesterday's garbage when battlefield trauma (physical or psychological) interferes with their ability to function. Those who put their lives on the line for the rest of us deserve better.


  • SOCIAL JUSTICE: We must find a practical solution to homelessness that preserves human dignity and includes steps for transitioning from emergency shelter to affordable permanent housing for every person. This is what stabilizes communities.


  • IMMIGRANT AND MINORITY JUSTICE: Protecting immigrant rights, and all communities targeted for hate, sends a powerful message across the land that here in California, all are welcome, all are valued, all are equal.


  • ANIMAL JUSTICE: Protecting threatened wildlife and mandating the humane treatment of all animals, can set an example of responsible stewardship for other states.


  • CARE FOR SENIORS: Seniors on limited incomes--especially those living alone--are among our most vulnerable residents. We must improve access to caregivers, information, advocacy and other resources that give seniors a safety net, and work to ensure that ADA compliance continues at the state level, no matter what happens in Congress.


  • CRIMINAL JUSTICE: It's time to focus on education and shut down the private prison pipeline. No more "guaranteed occupancy." Incarceration should not be a profitable enterprise. (Slavery is illegal, and prison beds are not affordable housing.)


  • ELECTION JUSTICE: Governor Brown has finally signed the Disclose Act--an important step to ensuring election transparency. Voter registration has been simplified at the DMV. We must now work to ensure that voter rolls remain accurate, and that every vote is counted--especially mail in ballots and those cast on electronic voting machines. For democracy to work we must be able to trust the results of our elections.

Our race won't be easy, but voters in North County are energized and momentum continues to build. We can win--and work together for stronger communities and a stronger California. But we need YOU. Can I count on your support?

Together, we CAN make a difference!

Your neighbor,

Elizabeth Warren



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