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I'm Elizabeth Warren, and I'm running for State Assembly to represent my neighbors in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Vista, Camp Pendleton and throughout the 76th Assembly District. There is no incumbent, so this is anybody's race--and I'm optimistic we can win.

As Californians, we live our progressive values every day. We celebrate diversity and justice. Public education. Support for small business and the health and well-being of our people and the planet. We believe we deserve stronger communities, quality of life, and hope for tomorrow.

Together, we must take a principled stand for our shared Democratic values:


  • We need guaranteed healthcare now. No more stalling. If SB 562 hasn't passed by the time I'm elected, I'll sign on or introduce another bill and fight until we get it passed. We need to remove the profit motive from our healthcare system.
  • Public education for our children should begin with preschool and continue through college, trade school, or professional training. We must prepare the next generation to be productive, self-sustaining members of society--not make them struggle to survive by burying them under decades of crushing debt.
  • For democracy to work we must be able to trust the integrity of our elections. We must now work to ensure that voter rolls remain accurate, and confirm that every vote is counted--especially mail in ballots and those cast on electronic voting machines.


  • I oppose any unfair tax that disproportionately affects the lives of young people, low and middle income workers, senior citizens, veterans, small businesses and everyone struggling for a basic quality of life.
  • The fuel tax unfairly punishes workers who can't afford electric vehicles and are forced by high housing costs to live far from their jobs. We must find better ways to raise funds and cut carbon.
  • We need to close California's disgraceful $79 billion gender wage gap.
  • We must not allow big corporations to exploit contract labor loopholes to avoid paying benefits, which shifts matching-tax burdens to individuals.
  • We must end corporate welfare. Companies such as Walmart that use intimidation to prevent employees from unionizing, should not be allowed to profit by exploiting labor loopholes that keep their workers on public assistance. Companies must pay a living wage to their workers.


  • We must reform Prop 13 by closing loopholes exploited by giant corporations and billionaires, while preserving and expanding rate protections for everyone else. It's time for corporations and the 1% to pay their fair share.
  • The costly burden of maintaining our state infrastructure should not be borne by small businesses and individual taxpayers alone. The largest corporations, out of state companies, and others doing business here, must pay their fair share to California for the infrastructure that helps them profit.
  • We need workforce housing. It's time to put our heads together--city and county officials and state lawmakers and federal agencies--to solve California's housing emergency.
  • We must invest in our small businesses. We can create more stable local economies if we focus on growing local manufacturing, construction, farming, and service industries, and support the many individually-owned retailers that are the life's blood of our communities.


  • Veterans deserve our gratitude, and should they be cast aside when battlefield trauma (physical or otherwise) interferes with their ability to function. At the very least, they deserve to live here, and receive veterans' benefits.
  • Protecting immigrants, people of color, and all communities targeted for hate, sends a powerful message across the land that here in California, all are welcome, all are valued, all are equal.
  • Seniors on limited incomes--especially those living alone--are among California's most vulnerable residents. We must provide greater access to caregivers, information, advocacy and other resources to ensure all seniors know there is a safety net, and how to find it.
  • We must also ensure that Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance continues in California, no matter what happens in Congress.
  • We must find a practical solution to homelessness that preserves individual human dignity and includes steps for transitioning from emergency shelter to affordable permanent housing for every person who wants it.
  • It's time to shut down the private prison pipeline. No more "guaranteed occupancy" contracts with companies that profit from immigrant detention, longer sentences for nonviolent offenders, inadequate staffing, and cutbacks to food and medical care. Incarceration should not be a profitable enterprise.


  • We must slow Climate Change, eliminate dependency on fossil fuels, ban fracking, address the drought, offer energy consumers a choice, and grow the green economy.
  • We must protect threatened wildlife and mandate the humane treatment of all animals--from farm to pets.

Together we can create stronger communities and a stronger California.

Together, we CAN make a difference!

Your neighbor,

Elizabeth Warren

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