San Diego County #WearOrange Events Most Prevalent in AD 76

June 2, 2018...   #WearOrange! That is the rallying cry this weekend as Moms and their families send a message to lawmakers that there is more we can and must do to end gun violence. Orange is the color that Hadiya Pendleton’s friends wore in her honor when she was shot and killed in Chicago at the age of 15 — just one week after performing at President Obama’s 2nd inaugural parade in 2013. After her death, they asked all of us to stand up, speak out, and Wear Orange to raise awareness about gun violence.

Wear Orange Weekend started on June 1st — National Gun Violence Awareness Dayand events planned by gun sense supporters are being held throughout the nation all weekend.  Of the seven Wear Orange events in San Diego County, five are in the North County cities of State Assembly District 76, where Democratic Assembly candidate Elizabeth Warren has been awarded the “Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction” for standing up for gun violence prevention and recognizing gun safety. 

Warren, just endorsed by the progressive advocacy group MoveOn, will be wearing her orange jacket at Encinitas’ “Wear Orange Orangeade Stand” at Moonlight Beach, 400 B Street near the volleyball nets Saturday, June 2 from noon to 1 PM.  She and other volunteers will host orangeade stands to bring awareness to National Gun Violence Prevention day and will have orangeade, games, cookies, and selfie stands so people can share why they Wear Orange. “Bring the kids!” they say.

“Kids are what this is all about, and it’s not just an event, it’s an eventuality that gun violence can and will subside so our children have a safe and bright future,” says Warren.


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