Alan Grayson Endorsement Early Christmas Gift for CA's Elizabeth Warren

December 22, 2017

OCEANSIDE, CA...Recognizing the national stature of California’s own Elizabeth Warren, candidate for State Assembly in the North San Diego County 76th District, former Congressman and reliable progressive firebrand Alan Grayson has personally endorsed Liz Warren for California.

The seat is in such a traditionally red district that no Democratic candidate has even run for many election cycles. But political winds are shifting, and because of her successful national activism with People Demanding Action, MoveOn, and more, Grayson sees Warren as the candidate to back.

“California's Liz Warren is someone who won't just talk the talk because she's already walked the walk,” Grayson says. “She is focused on making ordinary lives better, a focus that is something our political system desperately needs.”

It is the first national endorsement for CA’s Liz Warren after racking up many endorsements from statewide and local progressives.

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