Together, we CAN make a difference!

Many supporters have marched with me as fellow citizens, lobbying our state and federal legislators. We've learned through organizing that "together we CAN make a difference!" And if you let me, I'll take the fight to Sacramento! I am so grateful to everyone who has endorsed my campaign. For those I've just met, I'd love to hear what matters most to you. This is OUR Assembly seat and I'm ready to stand front and center, representing my neighbors in our fight for a better quality of life for our families, our children, our veterans, seniors, small business owners and all who live and work in the vital 76th Assembly District. I hope to earn your endorsement now, and I look forward to earning your vote on November 6! Partial list of endorsers follows. 

Government Officials

  • Alan Grayson, U.S. Congressman, FL (Retired)
  • Hon. Peter (Pete) Buttigieg, Mayor, South Bend, IN
  • Hon. Heidi Harmon, Mayor, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Kathy Rallings, Vice President, Carlsbad Board of Education
  • Cipriano Vargas, Board member, Vista Board of Education
  • Linda Walshaw, Oceanside Housing Commissioner
  • Laurie Black, business/community leader, former San Diego Port Commissioner
  • Maria McEneany, Chairman, San Diego Commission on the Status of Women and Girls
  • Lisa Shaffer, Deputy Mayor, Encinitas (Retired)
  • Carol Skiljan, Encinitas USD School Trustee (Retired)


  • MoveOn.org  
  • Animal PAC 
  • Democratic Club of Vista
  • MLK Democratic Club (the only candidate rated acceptable)
  • Americans for Democratic Action
  • Democrats of Mira Costa College 
  • Evolve California
  • Progressive Democrats of America-CA 
  • The Armenian National Committe of America, Western Region 
  • Progressive Democrats of San Diego County
  • Progressive Democrats of North San Diego County
  • Barrio Carlsbad Community Advocates
  • California Democratic Party Chicano-Latino Caucus (recommended)
  • Moms Demand Action/Everytown (Candidate of Distinction)
  • Oceanside for a Safer Community
  • Democratic Socialists of America, San Diego

Business and Community Leaders*

  • Caroline Theiss-Aird, North County Immigration Task Force
  • Max Disposti, North County LGBTQ Resource Center
  • PJ Duke, founder, True North (grassroots civic action group), CDP State Delegate, Assembly District 76
  • Jim Hesson, AD 76 Delegate, Advocate, SB 562
  • Mustafa Nizam, AD 76 Delegate, CDP Central Committee, Vista Community Leader
  • Chris Glascoe, Association of Cannabis Professionals
  • Nadine Scott, Oceanside
  • David and Amber Newman, Oceanside
  • Nikki Leeds, Vista
  • Margarita Lacabe, progressive activist, San Leandro
  • Lisa Stevenson, LaJolla
  • Jo Gatti, Indio
  • Pamela Bland, Escondido
  • Phil Hanneman, Immediate past CDP Region 18 Director
  • Sarah Lifton, Encinitas community leader
  • Mark Wisniewski, Encinitas Arborist  
  • Jeeni Criscenzo, Founder/Director, Amikas, Housing for Women and Children, San Diego
  • John-Paul Tabakian, President, WestCal Academy
  • Elected CADEM Delegates in Assembly District 76 (Voted as a group to endorse Elizabeth Warren.) ADEMs and delegates pledging support include: PJ Duke, Chris Barroso (E-board), Mustafa Nizam, Barbara Mead, Evelyn Thomas, Phil Hanneman, James Hesson, Kyle Thayer, Cipriano Vargas, Kyle Bright, Marggie Castellano.*

    *Titles of community leaders provided for identification purposes only and do not imply endorsement by the organization. For organizational announcements, see above. 

National Public Policy Leaders

  • Andrea Miller, Executive Director, People Demanding Action
  • Russell Greene, PDA Environmental Leader; 2016 DNC Platform Committee Member, Environment
  • Eve Simmons, climate action leader, writer/lecturer, Past AD 76 candidate
  • Harriet Heywood, organizing leader, Trade Justice Alliance


  • Gayle McLaughlin, Lieutenant Governor, CA (former Mayor, Richmond, CA)
  • Marggie Castellano, State Senate SD 36 
  • Jessica Holcombe, U.S. Congress

Democratic Party Leaders

  • Sue Alderson, President, Vista Democratic Club
  • Gary Bland, President, Lake San Marcos Democratic Club
  • Karen Bernal, Chair, Progressive Caucus, California Democratic Party
  • RL Miller, Chair, Environmental Caucus, California Democratic Party
  • Dr. Bill Honigman, CDP Delegate, California Co-Leader, Progressive Democrats of America
  • Carolyn "Cari" Templeton, ADEM 24, Board of the Progressive Caucus, California Democratic Party
  • Michael Thaller, immediate past chair, Progressive Caucus, California Democratic Party
  • Octavio Aguilar, San Diego County Central Committee; President, Rancho Penasquitos Democratic Club
  • Kyle Bright, Regional Dir., California College Democrats; President, Democrats of Mira Costa College
  • Ed McFadd, Encinitas Democratic Club, Political Action Committee
  • Carol Law, DEMCCO delegate and founding club member

*Titles for identification purposes. Partial list. Endorsements being uploaded daily. Be sure to check back!

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