Miracle in the 76th Assembly District

She’s a progressive in North San Diego County who had never run for office who set out to flip California’s 76th State Assembly district to the Democrats. (Dems don’t usually even bother to run there.)  She ran a grassroots campaign, raised a fraction of the money that her opponents did, never ran a single ad, never made a robocall, and refused to engage in negativity. Pollsters and pundits said she didn’t stand a chance.


Yet somehow, California’s own Elizabeth Warren not only beat every Republican in the district race, but bested her Democratic opponent (who she will meet in November) to come out on top.


What’s behind her miraculous victory? A lasting commitment to community and country. 


Warren was happy with her life as a writer, a wife and a mom, until an illegal foreclosure stole her family’s home. She dug in to discover how this could happen, and was angered to learn the US Government could have prevented the entire foreclosure debacle which affects Californians to this day. From there, she launched into activism, helping others in the community who had lost their homes as well. Next she informed the national group MoveOn about the perils of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal and in 2016 spearheaded a countrywide coalition to stop Congress from voting on TPP legislation.


Yes, she had endorsements from MoveOn, and Progressive Democrats of America, and many more people and groups big and small in her district and across the United States. But bottom line, Elizabeth Warren didn’t need to run ads to reach people in her community. Her community already knows who she is, knows her work, and knows her heart.


Says Warren, “I stepped up to run for Assembly because I believe we're all in this together, that everyone deserves a chance, and that the laws of California (and the nation) should be a reflection of our shared values--not something written by and for a privileged few.


“I am grateful for the support I have received in the 76th District and beyond. I have no plans for a political career--I just want to do my part to help solve some problems. I don’t claim to know it all--but I will do my homework, listen to my neighbors, and be your voice in Sacramento. Working together, we CAN improve our quality of life, strengthen our communities, and give our kids some hope.”

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