My Story

I came almost reluctantly to politics--fresh from years in the trenches as a fierce defender of economic, social, and environmental justice. I am running for office because I believe with my whole heart that we're all in this together, that everyone deserves a chance, and that the laws of California (and the nation) should be a reflection of our shared values--not something written by and for a privileged few. I stepped up to run for Assembly because I believe I can contribute. I took a long look at how things run in California and realized that after living, working, raising a family and fighting “the machine” for many years, I had accomplished all I could as a “civilian” and to accomplish anything more, I needed a “backstage pass.”
In these uncertain times, California has a chance to lead America by example--but we can only do that if we elect people with the will to get it done. I have no plans for a political career--I just want to do my part to help solve some problems. And I can--with your help. I don’t claim to know it all--but I will do my homework, listen to my neighbors, and be your voice in Sacramento. Working together, we CAN improve our quality of life, strengthen our communities, and give our kids some hope.
THE BIRTH OF AN ACTIVIST My story is not remarkable--in fact, it’s like that of many Californians. I began my career as a newspaper reporter then freelanced as a writer and editor for magazines, PR clients and more. As the internet became a part of our daily lives, I evolved into working in digital media, blogging and working for online social justice organizations. Like many families, my husband and I were early casualties of the mortgage crisis. That was a pivotal moment.
We weren’t irresponsible people. We survived for a year before our funds ran out. Losing what little security we’d managed to amass left me determined to find out what the heck happened. My reporter’s instinct drove me to dig deep, and I learned more about banking and finance that I’d ever wanted to know. What I learned made me mad. The entire collapse--which was arguably orchestrated by Wall Street--was allowed to happen by the Congress we’d elected to look out for us. The same Congress that at the height of the mortgage crisis voted AGAINST allowing bankruptcy courts to forgive the “underwater” portions of mortgages for individual homeowners--even though that protection already existed for INVESTORS. The only ones not in on the joke were average people like us. What REALLY stung was learning how many members of our federal government actually profited personally.
That’s what turned me into an activist. I was trained by MoveOn and worked with grassroots activists (many were moms like me) from coast to coast. Nurses, teachers, factory workers, waitresses, clerks, retirees and stay at home moms--we all became overnight experts on legislation. We achieved our greatest win in 2016 when we stopped Congress from voting on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) a trade deal that would have made corporations more powerful than governments. That success led to me getting more involved in politics at the state level, becoming a delegate, and talking with neighbors who urged me to run for State Assembly in California’s 76th District (Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Vista and Camp Pendleton.)
I’ve been working and campaigning for a year now--longer than anybody in this race. All of our homework says I can win--but it’s not something I can, or should, do alone. This race has never been about me. It’s always been about US. All of us. We deserve a voice, and a chance. We CAN put power back in the hands of regular people. We can reshape our state government into one that trusts communities to make our own decisions--and then works with our communities to make sure we succeed. We can create a better quality of life for working families; we can make our communities stronger by helping people live where we work so we don’t lose hours a day to freeway traffic. And we can create hope--by investing in our kids, providing healthcare for all, respecting our veterans, caring for our elderly--the people whose shoulders we stood on and who now need our help to survive on fixed incomes in this cutthroat economy. We need to make sure our grandchildren will have a planet--one with air they can breathe and water they can drink. And where everyone is equal, everyone is valued, everyone is respected, and everyone is safe. We can create the California we want and it can stand as an example for America and the world. It’s genuinely within our reach. Together, we CAN make a difference!
My name is Elizabeth Warren. I’m a journalist, a wife, a mom, a sometime cook and a dog lover. A regular person. I listen. I learn. I work hard. And I’m asking for your vote.
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