North County Latino Leaders Endorse Elizabeth Warren for California State Assembly District 76

(OCEANSIDE, CA - Dec. 3, 2017)  Following a string of national and statewide endorsements, prominent Latino leaders are endorsing California’s own Elizabeth Warren for State Assembly in District 76, representing Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Vista and Camp Pendleton. 
Cipriano Vargas, North County Latino Democratic Club President and Vista School Board Trustee; Octavio Aguilar, president of the Rancho Penasquitos Democratic Club; and  Marggie Castellano, Candidate for California State Senate in District 36--are all personally endorsing Elizabeth Warren.

On issues of importance to the Latino community, Warren says, “California is about respect and inclusion. Most of all, ours is a state where all are welcome, and all are valued. We as Californians must stand together against federal agencies skirting our state laws and using our tax dollars to target our residents."
She adds, "The California Values Act, passed in the last session of the state legislature and signed into law by Governor Brown, made great strides in defining our position on what sort of cooperation state taxpayer funded law enforcement is obligated to provide to federal authorities. Now, we must build on the strength of that landmark law that protects California residents and taxpayers, by strengthening protection for our state databases, so that they cannot be tapped unlawfully to "harvest" the names of DREAMers and other non-citizens living within our state, who have not committed any punishable offense."
On foreign-born veterans, Warren observed, "It is disgraceful we need a veterans home across the border in Tijuana. No one who serves this country should be deported without evidence of a crime and access to due process. Those who have served honorably in America's armed forces should be granted immediate citizenship upon completion of their tour of duty and honorable discharge. 
Warren notes, "Public education is the great equalizer, and I’ll fight to make it stronger. Public health affects everyone. I’ll work to pass single-payer, Medicare for All. For an economy to thrive, workers must earn a living wage. I will fight for policies that lift wages and promote small business growth. State lawmakers must reach out and work closely with city and county government and their agencies, boards, and commissions, to ensure adequate housing exists in every city--so that necessary workers can live and work in the same communities. When we are invested in our communities, our families enjoy quality of life. Children perform better in school. Crime statistics go down. And there's a bonus: cutting commute times reduces carbon output, bringing us closer to our climate action targets. WE all win. That's important because we’re in this together, and together, we will sink or swim."
Finally, she says, “The 2018 election is shaping up to be a study in contrasts. Voters will have a choice to make: accept “status quo” politicians who enjoy every advantage our state has to offer while the constituents who pay their salaries struggle to survive—or elect brave new leadership that puts people ahead of politics and won’t take no for an answer. We say “si, se puede!”

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