I personally endorse OUR Elizabeth Warren for State Assembly in District 76. Because Elizabeth isn’t a career politician. She’s one of us.

As an activist leader she’s organized and fought for basic fairness for real people and the things that affect our lives. She’s marched for equality, inclusion and social justice. She’s organized grassroots activists across the country and in 2016, that “people power” stopped a vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)--a trade deal that would have made corporations more powerful than governments. (A deal Donald Trump is now thinking of reviving.)

Last year she drove to Sacramento to fight for our guaranteed healthcare bill, SB 562, the day it was introduced. Because of her activist roots I know she’ll fight for access to quality healthcare, higher education, and housing we can afford. For a living wage. Resources for seniors, children, veterans, the disabled and the homeless. Respect for people of color, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community.

I’ve seen her get angry when we talk about hate crimes and racial profiling. I know she will work with all who want to end gun violence. Because that’s who she is. She’s been against privatizing public services for as long as I’ve known her, so we can count on her to protect public schools and shut down the private, for profit prisons that turn immigrants and low-level offenders into slave labor. She has the conviction, compassion and commitment to work hard for real change.

I urge you to support her.

Elizabeth told us early on that she wouldn’t take money from the “power brokers” who control Sacramento with their checkbooks. She’s kept her word. That’s why she needs our help right now. Voters need to hear what she stands for.

We need to canvass, phone bank, volunteer with her campaign, promote it on social media. This is our chance to elect a progressive activist who answers only to us.

If you don’t have time to call or knock on doors--make a donation. Grassroots candidates count on us, and every dollar helps.

In solidarity,

Sue Alderson

President, Democratic Club of Vista*

*Title for identification purposes only.

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Elizabeth Warren Defends CA Values; Related Statutes as San Diego County Board of Supervisors Sides with Trump's DOJ Lawsuit

SAN DIEGO, CA...Acting in opposition to busloads of constituents gathered in support of three laws being challenged by the Federal Government--including the California Values Act--the all-Republican San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted 3-1 to side with the U.S. Justice Department. County residents opposing the board's action dramatically outnumbered its supporters--some of whom were the same out of state residents who earlier this month appeared in Escondido, attempting to inflame the audience with provocative rhetoric.

The federal lawsuit challenges three separate statutes governing the way California law enforcement and civilian employers may interact with federal immigration authorities, specifically:

  • California's right to protect workers' privacy by prohibiting employers from sharing employees' personal information with Federal Authorities unless required by law; 
  • California's law limiting state and local law enforcement from sharing information with federal authorities about individuals in custody, without a court order. 
  • The California Attorney General's right to conduct an inspection and review process aimed at ensuring that proper procedures are followed; state and federal laws upheld; and limiting the size and scope of California taxpayer-funded law enforcement resources that may be commandeered to support routine federal immigration enforcement.

Board Chair (and congressional candidate) Kristin Gaspar, and Supervisors Dianne Jacobs and Bill Horn, all voted to support Trump’s lawsuit. Supervisor Greg Cox voted against the measure while Supervisor Ron Roberts was absent. 

CA State Assembly District 76 Candidate Elizabeth Warren spoke briefly at the meeting in support of  California's state laws, citing the contributions immigrants have made and the importance of keeping families together for the stability of communities and society. She added that many of the arguments against California's laws are fueled by fear--springing from deliberate misinformation fed to the public by the Trump administration.

"Keeping families together creates stronger communities," she says, "I can't stress that enough." She added, "Immigrants are a vital part of our economy--and yet, those who are undocumented often work the hardest and earn the least. Our law does not protect rapists and drug lords, nor does it inhibit law enforcement in the State of California from exercising the appropriate level of cooperation with federal authorities. There are 800 specific instances in which local law enforcement work with federal authorities. That said, I object to having California tax dollars diverted to functions that are the responsibility of the federal government."

With respect to the need for inspection and review by the state Attorney General, of immigration enforcement here, she noted, "ICE and DHS are picking up people brought here as children--people who only speak English--and deporting them to foreign countries where they have no connections and no way to live. There are reports of deported women and girls disappearing--presumed to be dead or trafficked. Many honorably discharged veterans--who were promised citizenship and deserve it--get caught up in the deportation net. Their "crimes" include traffic violations, petty theft, and low-level drug offenses. They deserve better."  

She concluded, "You have a DECISION to make: stand WITH California--or side against California and with Trump's racist agenda."  

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Potential Presidential Contender Endorses CA's Elizabeth Warren for State Assembly

California’s Elizabeth Warren, who is running for the State Assembly representing the 76th District of Carlsbad, Encinitas, Oceanside, Vista and Camp Pendleton, has scored the backing of South Bend, Indiana’s Democratic Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is touted as a potential Presidential candidate. Says Mayor Pete, “I am a Democrat because I believe in defending freedom, fairness, families, and the future for ordinary people throughout our country.  Elizabeth fights for these same values, and I am counting on her to serve you well in the Assembly. From one Hoosier to another, I wish her great success and look forward to the day she represents North San Diego County in the California State Assembly.”

Warren, who grew up in South Bend, is in turn supporting the campaign of her old friend Cindy Kilgore, a retired decorated police officer currently running for County Council in Granger, Indiana.

It’s a reflection of shared friends, political values - and Dyngus Day.

Dyngus Day, the Monday after Easter, is the Polish bookend of Mardi Gras in terms of revelry, but in terms of politics, in South Bend and elsewhere, it is a time-honored tradition - especially in election years.  It’s a time for Polka music, beer drinking, and full on campaigning:  glad-handing, speech-making, combing crowds for supporters – and donations.

This year, progressive Warren is bringing the holiday to North San Diego County in a display of cross-country Democratic solidarity.  Encinitas landscape architect Mark Wisniewski is hosting the Monday, April 2 “Dyngus Day Meet the Candidate” party for Warren at Belching Beaver Brewery’s “Pub 980,” 980 Park Center Drive in Vista, from 4 to 7 p.m. Food and beverages will be available for purchase; every attendee will receive a commemorative gift from the campaign. Warren will be “live tweeting” and photo sharing with South Bend’s parties via social media.

Warren says she and supporter Wisniewski discovered their shared Polish heritage and cooked up the idea to acquaint Californians with the holiday; they plan to make it an annual event. “Everybody is Polish on Dyngus Day,” Warren says. “It’s a nod to my Polish heritage, a shout out to Mayor Pete and all my friends in Indiana, and a great way to introduce fun and frolic to our political system!”  

Due to space, attendees must RSVP to confirm a spot. *Suggested contribution is $25. Contribution is not mandatory. However, the first 25 guests to register and contribute $25 or more will receive “supporter swag bags” filled with an array of unique Dyngus Day gifts contributed by the event hosts.

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Issa Departure Shakes Up AD 76 Race; CA's Elizabeth Warren Emerges as Leader

January 15, 2018

OCEANSIDE, CA…Democrat Elizabeth Warren, candidate for California State Assembly in the 76th district, won’t have to face an incumbent in June’s top two primary—and that’s a positive GAME-CHANGER for the community activist-turned-candidate who leads the pack of candidates vying for the seat.

Rep. Darrell Issa’s decision to not seek re-election in the 49th Congressional District--which overlays Assembly District 76--set off a chain reaction in the GOP, and Warren’s closest competition, incumbent Assemblyman Rocky Chavez, announced his intent to run for Issa’s seat in Congress.

Republicans are lining up to run in AD 76, but with no incumbent in the Assembly race, California’s own Elizabeth Warren leads the way, increasing the odds that Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, Encinitas and Camp Pendleton will be represented by a progressive Democrat.


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Alan Grayson Endorsement Early Christmas Gift for CA's Elizabeth Warren

December 22, 2017

OCEANSIDE, CA...Recognizing the national stature of California’s own Elizabeth Warren, candidate for State Assembly in the North San Diego County 76th District, former Congressman and reliable progressive firebrand Alan Grayson has personally endorsed Liz Warren for California.

The seat is in such a traditionally red district that no Democratic candidate has even run for many election cycles. But political winds are shifting, and because of her successful national activism with People Demanding Action, MoveOn, and more, Grayson sees Warren as the candidate to back.

“California's Liz Warren is someone who won't just talk the talk because she's already walked the walk,” Grayson says. “She is focused on making ordinary lives better, a focus that is something our political system desperately needs.”

It is the first national endorsement for CA’s Liz Warren after racking up many endorsements from statewide and local progressives.

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North County Latino Leaders Endorse Elizabeth Warren for California State Assembly District 76

(OCEANSIDE, CA - Dec. 3, 2017)  Following a string of national and statewide endorsements, prominent Latino leaders are endorsing California’s own Elizabeth Warren for State Assembly in District 76, representing Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Vista and Camp Pendleton. 
Cipriano Vargas, North County Latino Democratic Club President and Vista School Board Trustee; Octavio Aguilar, president of the Rancho Penasquitos Democratic Club; and  Marggie Castellano, Candidate for California State Senate in District 36--are all personally endorsing Elizabeth Warren.

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