Oceanside, CA…  Community members across north San Diego county’s Assembly District 76 have been receiving phone calls purporting to be research polls, which are really push polls being used to smear progressive Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren.

The calls, according to those who have received them, start out innocently enough, with the pollster asking respondents how they identify themselves politically, and which 76th Assembly District candidates’ names they recognize.

But they quickly devolve into the pollster dishing dirt about the only progressive in the race, Warren. Some of the claims are true—but framed to sound negative. Some are partially true but misrepresent the facts. Others are patently false.  All are designed to disparage the Democratic candidate. 

Questions were framed as asking whether respondents would support Warren more or less if they knew 1) that she had filed for bankruptcy (partially true, as she writes on her campaign page about the illegal foreclosure of her home motivating her to become an activist and candidate,) 2) that she supports a gas tax hike of 79 cents a gallon (patently false, as she supports eliminating the gas tax, which she believes unfairly burdens workers who are forced to commute) and 3) that Warren supports the ability to purchase any and all weapons in California (also patently false—she supports sensible gun regulation and joined area youth in the North County March for Our Lives.)

Respondents say that the pollster, who claimed to be from a firm in Utah, was trying to erode their support for CA’s Elizabeth Warren.

Warren responded by saying, “Someone is working hard to keep a progressive from sitting in the State Assembly in Sacramento. It won’t work—negative tactics tend to turn off voters. For so many working people in the district—veterans, seniors, school teachers, service workers, retail clerks and active duty military families—the struggle to make ends meet is a daily reality. Many folks are just one paycheck or medical emergency away from being out of their homes. I understand that harsh reality—because I’ve lived it.  I’m running to give working people a voice, and a chance at a better life. If somebody doesn’t like that—well, too bad.”

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