S.O.S.! Save Our Shot at Single Payer Briefing

Oceanside, CA…  With the election just days away, who we elect to the State Assembly will determine if we see a Medicare for All, single-payer bill introduced in the foreseeable future.

Get the facts on how businesses, patients, and providers will all fare much better if we ELIMINATE THE MIDDLEMAN and take the profit motive out of healthcare.

Get succinct talking points to make the case for single payer.

Phone bank for your favorite candidate. Progressive candidates and supporters are invited to stay for collaborative phone-banking. We'll have a script focused on saving our shot at Single Payer.


The Healthy California Act SB 562 seemed on the road to passage last year. Then it stalled in the Assembly. A "select committee" met and held several hearings. The committee's report effectively scuttled "single-payer" in favor of a slew of new bills aimed at protecting private insurers under the guise of movement toward universal healthcare. We all know how well that worked out in Washington!


This event is sponsored by the Elizabeth Warren for State Assembly District 76 Campaign and will be held at a private home.

The event is free, and please sign up here to get the address:  https://secure.actblue.com/donate/savesinglepayer#basics

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