SB 562 — Just what the nurse ordered!

Nurses.jpgOn the steps of the Capitol building in Sacramento with the San Diego contingent of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United. As you may have heard me say in the past, the nurses take no prisoners when it comes to getting a task accomplished. They are steadfast in their support of progressive initiatives (they fought TPP and endorsed progressives in the election) and they can’t be bullied (or bought.) Healthcare for All has been a goal of the nurses for as long as I can remember. SB 562, the Healthy California Act (Sens. Toni Atkins/Ricardo Lara) will cover everyone—regardless of income or circumstance. To build support, the nurses have been rallying up and down the state and holding community education town halls to help residents understand just how GOOD it is!

On the day the bill was introduced in the Senate Health Committee, busloads of nurses and community supporters arrived from all over the state. Following a rousing rally (where they served us breakfast AND lunch!) we marched to the capitol. The hearing hall was awash in a sea of red scrubs, and the overflow spilled out onto the street and around the block. The well-funded lobbyists from Kaiser and the Chamber of Commerce didn’t stand a chance. SB 562 cleared its first hurdle that day, putting Guaranteed Healthcare for All Californians finally within reach! #CNA


Just got this urgent update from CNA--we need to make calls to the Assembly, asking them to invite the California Nurses to address them on SB 562. It's insane that CNA wasn't included as a vital part of this conversation in Sacramento! 
California Nurses Association -- SB562 supporter -- Wanted to give you a urgent update.
On Monday and Tuesday, a special committee of the California State Assembly will be holding a hearing on SB562. the committee has NOT invited the California Nurses Association to be part of that meeting but we're going to show up anyway.
Please call your Assembly Member to invite the nurses to speak. It's really easy to make a call directly to your Assembly Member by going to this link:
And if you can make it to Sacramento in person on Monday or Tuesday, please read the information below and RSVP.
The movement for Medicare for All in California continues! Join us in Sacramento on October 23rd and 24th to rally in support for SB 562 at the State Capitol during the Select Committee Hearing on Healthcare.
Instead of moving SB 562 forward, Speaker Anthony Rendon has blocked the democratic process by stalling the bill, and created a "Select Committee on Health Care Delivery Systems and Universal Coverage," with absolutely no legislative authority. The first select committee hearings will be held on these 2 days in Sacramento with apparently little time scheduled for public comment.
We will hold rallies on the North Steps of the State Capitol building from 11am – 12pm on both days to urge these legislators to move SB 562 forward without delay. Join us and bring a friend or two!
Need a ride there?
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